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During the checkout process it gave a message about an address being incorrect. It also stated that my purchase was declined. I called my credit card company and found out that both purchases had actually been placed. I was even given approval codes. I asked 2 representatives at BookByte to call, and was actually told NO. They stated they do not offer support via phone. They have double the funds of a text book and will not credit/release funds.... Read more

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Rented two textbooks, and expedited the shipment (3-5 business days). Day 10 the package arrived, and neither of the two books that I ordered were inside. A book for another poor soul was in the package. Customer service apologized and said that they had one of the books in stock, and could expedite shipment. I don't have 10 days to wait on their expedited shipment process. This has been a colossal waste of time and money. I should have... Read more

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I received the books however I never opened the package and just returned them because I did not need them. They charged me for renting the books. I contacted them and because I did not call them first to let them know I was returning the books they automatically assumed they never received them. I never opened the package so I was not aware of their return policy. I'm sure they keep inventory how could they not? What company doesn't? ... Read more

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I shipped my book in the middle of March, they received my textbooks a week later and I haven't received money back until TODAY May 22th! They told me they sent me a check which was sent to the wrong address and came back to them (they played the game!). I told them to ship all my books back but they said they wouldn't. Anytime I sent them the email that I received the different name and different person to reply. Lied and lied and dishonest! DO... Read more

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I do understand that in business. If you don’t receive an item or product, that legally you are not liable for the charges. So, let’s go over the facts. Your company arranged for the shipping and receiving of a product from myself in the form of, “Books”. You also claim receiving one empty box out of two boxes sent. Also, that the most expensive books were in the box that was delivered empty. Being the first time that I’ve conducted business... Read more

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charged me three times for a book I wanted to rent. I am about to cry as I type, because I've looked at other reviews and see that other customers have had experiences where they haven't received proper pyment from this company as well. I feel as if any 5 start rating on this company is a lie and a fraud (the company could have posted the 5 start rating to make themselves look good to attract more people to ***). I am prepared to take legal... Read more

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My children have rented multiple times from over the years. They tend to be slow and send notices that your books were not returned when they were, however they do end up locating them. My son recently returned a used textbook that he rented in good condition and it was returned in good/acceptable condition. It was rejected with no explanation and he was sent a collection letter for $235. Impossible to get in contact with... Read more

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  • Nov 13, 2015
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They say that they never received my book and its a scam never got paid and was unable to track it

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Price on used book was better than other websites but priceof shipping made up for it. Condition of book was very good except for water damage because book was mailed in box but not wrapped in plastic inside box. Also ordered books from other sites and they were all delivered wrapped in plastic in box. Good thing book was very cheap and used. I would have been very pissed if it was expensive and new.. Read more

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I used to be a big fan of Bookbyte, even wrote them a nice review last year. Most of the books I needed were better priced at Chegg, but there were a couple I ordered from Bookbyte due to price/availability.Placed an order for two rentals and one purchase. Received UPS notification of delivery scheduled, received the books yesterday minus the one I purchased. Went online to check, status shows cancelled. They tell me the book was out of stock to... Read more

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